Sleek leggings with mesh portions. Sports bras under luxury jackets. Dri-fit tops. Sweatpants paired with boots.

Chances are you’ve noticed this clothing trend among millennials all over. Even stars like the Jenners, Gigi Hadid and the Kardashians have adopted (and slay) the “athletic-gear-as-day-wear” look.

This comeback trend reminds me so much of middle school and how we’d all wear sweatpants to school because it was the cool thing to do. Track suits are back. Adidas footwear is at the top of everyone’s wish list. As a matter of fact, while retail sales have plummeted, sales of athleisure and athletic wear went up by 12% according to Fortune .


“Athleisure is the new casual”

-Deidre Clemente (History Professor at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas)


Brands like Nike, Adidas, Lululemon, Reebok, and Puma have gone up the scale. They’ve basically gone from being just sports products to luxury brands. These sportswear pioneers are fashion’s most valuable brands to date. They even have their own sections at department stores now. But what is this new hybrid of casual and sportswear and why do people like it so much?


Athleisure wear has been defined in various ways, with taglines, mottos or terms like:“après sport” or “gym-to-the-office,” and“Clothing for a comfortably confident life.”

Clemente additionally states that this trend is rising due to the increase in health and fitness awareness, “The clothes fit the culture. That’s true of any fashion trends.”


Durability and comfort are a necessity when it comes to casual wear. Less maintenance is also another advantage, thanks to their quick-drying, odor resistant and moisture wicking materials.


Wear it indoors, as sleepwear or just a casual day out. When accessorized properly, your whole look can shift from sporty to chic. Stick to neutral colors as well; these are easier to style.

Dressing like an athlete is fun, but can you actually perform well in them? We hope so. These pieces make you appear “sportier” and give off the image that you have an active lifestyle.Don’t use this fashion trend just for show though.

In my opinion, cute sportswear is the perfect incentive to start breaking a sweat. Your athletic gear should actually motivate you to work out. Might as well put those walking shoes to good use, right?


Like the Nike motto says, “Just do it.”


People assume they can be the outfit for all seasons. When worn wrong, the mixture of sporty pieces can also turn out looking sloppy. If you want to wear sports bras (as crop tops) out on a regular day, at least make sure they’re clean crisp and conservative; pair it with something high-waisted so the whole look is balanced.


Depending on the weather, also cover up accordingly. It’s no use risking your health for a few minutes of self-proclaimed fashion fame.

They ignore the fact that some events and situations call for more appropriate wear. Although dress code policies are a lot more lenient now, it doesn’t mean you can lounge around in athleisure wear during fancy dinners or meetings. There should be limits to when and how often you wear it.


Is it possible for velour tracksuits to make a return as well? Only time and trends will tell. At least we know it’s a trend that’s here to stay if couture brands like Gucci are starting to sell sneakers.


In the end, it’s a free country. We will still wear what we want when we want to. But at least there’s no more hauling a spare change of clothes on leg day.Going straight to the gym after work has never been easier.